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DJ Mixes added to Mixcloud

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I moved my dj mixes off soundcloud and put them on mix cloud. Be sure to follow me here to get updates and new mixes.

Gratitude Attitude

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Gratitude Attitude

Internal Alchemy displayed at INIT – SXSW Interactive Event – 3-13-2016

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Internal Alchemy displayed at INIT – SXSW Interactive Event – 3-13-2016



Get (init) this SXSW in East Austin’s most authentic art warehouse. A showcase featuring interactive visual digital installations from Austin’s own premier projection artists. (init) is a collective of interactive designers, fabricators, programmers and visual artists aimed at creating interactive multimedia envrionments using various sensors and technology. Come and experience a unique digital playground and see what our local artists have to offer.

Jerome Morrison –
Josh Meredith –
Randi Southard –
Robin Arnott –
Caroline Dyes
Talon Skibsrud
Jeff Garrard
Lisa Woods
Denise Dodd
Brea Lundrigan
Maureen Haskell
Shezus Hart

Eye tableau – Jerome Morrison
Internal Alchemy – Josh Meredith
Unicorn X-ing – Caroline Dyes & Talon Skibsrud
SoundSelf : A Technodelic – Robin Arnott
The Eyeball – Jeff Garrard
Feedback Loop – Chauncey Logomenon
Gail – Lisa Woods

Josh Meredith

Raw Chocolate Lover

PLAY #init


Internal Alchemy – An interactive video art installation

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Internal Alchemy – An interactive video art installation


Internal Alchemy is a video art installation I created that maps chakra points on people’s bodies using a projector. They can then look at themselves in a mirror and interact with the different chakra points as they touch them. As you touch the different chakra points, different effects happen. You can then use your hands to “heal” yourself.  As you do that you can watch the different chakra points radiate energy or watch your chi energy move up and down your body. This is a great way for people to understand how chi energy works along with a fun way to see your spiritual body projected on to yourself.

To create Internal Alchemy I used the Unity video game engine along with a Microsoft Kinect.

When no user is detected it will display an instruction screen informing user how to interact with it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.07.46 AM.png

When a user approaches and is detected from the Kinect, the calibration process will begin. Internal Alchemy will instruct the user to align themselves to the outline of the figure and raise their right hand to initiate the chakra sequence. This will allow the chakras to map onto the body.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 7.00.00 PM.png

The chakra points will then project on their body and track with their movement in real time. Participants can then look at themselves in the mirror and touch each chakra point on their body. Different chakra points have different visual effects as they touch each one. Participants can then “heal” themselves as they interact with each chakra point and watch the chi energy flow up and down their body.


Magical particles will track the user’s hands as they move.


Touching different chakra points will have different explosive fx. Participants can immerse themselves in a fun playful environment as they interact with each one.

Participants can watch their chi energy rise and fall along their meridians as they touch each chakra point with their “healing” hands and visually see it moving on their own body.


The installation consists of a screen, hardware enclosure, mirror and frame.


The hardware enclosure consists of a MS Kinect, a projector and a laptop. The projector projects the light off of the mirror and onto the participant’s body. The Kinect faces the participant so it can detect movement.




Trance Lucent Tuesday – Austin Tx – June 30th

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Trance Lucent Tuesday – Austin Tx – June 30th


Austin’s premier psychedelic dance music monthly, every last Tuesday, showcasing varied arrays of psychedelic trance music and similar driving dance styles each month. Some of it will be silly, some serious; but most of all, it’ll be weird to many, and far off from your average night downtown. If you’re shy and don’t know if you can dance, enjoy a lush chill space decked with live painters, and many other artisans, vending their creations.

PsychedElevator ↕ 1STOMP! Summer Ceremony ↕ JUNE 26-28 ↕ ReCreation Plantation ↕ TX post stomp:


KADUM Live– (Kinematic Records/Brazil)
Progressive, Psychedelic Trance
Dark Prog, Progressive Psy, Full-On, Melodic // 148-138

-Josh Meredith-
Progressive, Psychedelic Trance
Progressive, Progressive Psy, Full-On // 135-145

Progressive Trance
Progressive // 130-135

9.5 – Commanda
11 – Josh Meredith
12.5 – Kadum

Deco by:

Visuals by:

June 30th, 2015

Elysium Nightclub
705 Red River ST (Red River x 7th)
Austin, Texas

FREE with option to donate (21+)

$5 cover for minors (18+)

Space available for painting & vendors

Josh Meredith Demo Reel

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Josh Meredith Demo Reel




This is a demo of all the services my skills can offer including:

Motion Graphics
Music Production
Projection Mapping
Video Editing/Post Production
Video Art Installations
Stage Design

Music: Josh Meredith – Its all in Your Head

4th of July Visuals – Projection Mapping and Stage Design

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4th of July Visuals – Projection Mapping and Stage Design

This is an example of some of my stage design, VJ and projection mapping work. I was booked to perform visuals for an event called Aqua Phonics in San Marcos on July 4th, 2014. I designed the stage previously and it was built with the help of Blue Light Entertainment. Since July 4th is a beloved American holiday I got inspired to do a “MERICA!!!” theme content. You’ll see when you watch the video. I designed the stage structure and created MERICA style content for to project on to it and got to perform with Gladkill and Liquid Stranger along with other artists.  This is a video I made showing some of the content I created.

Konica Minolta Sensing Commercials

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Konica Minolta Sensing Commercials

Here is a commercial I did a voiceover for along with producing the music for Konica Minolta Sensing’s Cs-2000 and Cs-2000a.

This one I did the voiceover for also. Its for the LumiCam 1300 2d luminance and color analyzer.

New track: Soular Waves

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This track tries to represent my fascination with the way our bodies are electro magnetic devices.