Josh Meredith






initlive2Since the age of 15 Josh has been writing music ever since he first picked up his father's guitar. Known for his eclectic diversity and booty shaking basslines he's been around the block and back making dance crowds across the US hopping for the past 11 years. He has also been known for his band Init String with Aaron Anthony and Michael Hale who has put out 3 full length albums on Subtle Distortion Records along with a slew of international releases on labels such as Psybooty Records, Sundance and Nephlim. Init String has been known internationally known for its intense psychedelic and melodic soundscapes. Since then his dj sets have been well known around the Austin Texas dance community lighting up dance floors with his energetic mix of progressive/psychedelic electro house known for its sexy appeal and smooth delivery. See Music.

Visual Artist (VJ)


initlivetreesIn high school Josh had a tendency of skipping class and going to the video production room to animate 3d animations on a Video Toaster using Lightwave 3. Since then his passion for video production and post production found its way to making visuals for Init String by using the individual wave files and modulating key frames with After Effects along with other video applications such as Visual Jockey. Init String was the first Texas based electronic act to create and perform their own visuals AND music on stage with live camera inputs absorbing the crowd and dancers back into the whole mix. Along with that Josh started his own VJ project called Digital Orgasm Theater.


mercaba10He developed his own interactive, live input generated video art installations using a camera, video mixer and painted scrim fabric. These installations made its way to many galleries such asthe Modern Art Museum in Ft. Worth, Tx along with a multitude of electronic music events across the United States with Init String. Since moving to Austin, Tx Josh started doing projection mapping and using Microsoft Kinect platforms to create interactive video projections that can be mapped to objects in real time. See VJ Art.


Video Post Production


Josh also produces videos for clients with services such as:

motion graphics




voice overs


See Videos.