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Rock Out with your Rock Out

Posted by on Apr 30, 2012

Rock Out with your Rock Out

I always had this idea for a really cool party idea would be to have an altar in front of the DJ booth and have everyone at the party bring their favorite rock, gem, crystal or stoneĀ  and place the stones on the altar. Then after placing them on the altar we can all dance with our rocks and communion with nature to illustrate our symbiotic relationship with it.   I always felt that rocks and stones could send and receive vibrations from nature and there’s a lot of philosophies that are into that so I thought about doing an experiment where people would place the rocks on the altar and you could think about whatever you wanted to but if you were dancing with your rocks at that energy could resonate with them. Then after that you could take your rocks or gems or crystals backed back home or you could gift it to someone else and see what it does.   This idea had been brewing in my mind for sometime and then I finally hooked up with my friend Hector Dominguez who also ran a production company called Blue Light Entertainment. Hector has sound equipment and lighting equipment and we decided to collaborate on this project together. I told him about my idea and that I wanted to call it Rock Out with your Rock Out. We then came up with a production company name called Dirty by Design. We made logos and a website for it and started promoting for it.I then reached out to my friend Scott Stanley In Dallas to see if you wanted to collaborates doing visuals on this party at that time I didn’t have any video content nor the hardware to really run it like I wanted to so I had him do the visuals along with Mike Cocanower.   The original idea that I had in mind was to have two crystals on the end of the DJ booth and then a big crystal that’s in the middle of the front of the DJ booth then have projection mapping visuals mapped onto those crystals. These crystals needed to be pretty light and transportable so we cut out plywood frames for the crystals. Here are the crystals right when we built them.         We then got sheets of lycra and stretched it over the frame to make...

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