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Internal Alchemy displayed at INIT – SXSW Interactive Event – 3-13-2016

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Get (init) this SXSW in East Austin’s most authentic art warehouse. A showcase featuring interactive visual digital installations from Austin’s own premier projection artists. (init) is a collective of interactive designers, fabricators, programmers and visual artists aimed at creating interactive multimedia envrionments using various sensors and technology. Come and experience a unique digital playground and see what our local artists have to offer.

Jerome Morrison –
Josh Meredith –
Randi Southard –
Robin Arnott –
Caroline Dyes
Talon Skibsrud
Jeff Garrard
Lisa Woods
Denise Dodd
Brea Lundrigan
Maureen Haskell
Shezus Hart

Eye tableau – Jerome Morrison
Internal Alchemy – Josh Meredith
Unicorn X-ing – Caroline Dyes & Talon Skibsrud
SoundSelf : A Technodelic – Robin Arnott
The Eyeball – Jeff Garrard
Feedback Loop – Chauncey Logomenon
Gail – Lisa Woods

Josh Meredith

Raw Chocolate Lover

PLAY #init


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