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Sun Portals confirmed by NASA – The Mayans already knew

Posted by on Dec 19, 2013 in Blog

I think Nassim Haramein is on to something based on a clue that was left to us by the Mayan civilization. NASA just recently admitted to a magnetic portal called flux transfer event that is an actual portal to our sun. Its like a galactic magnetic super highway circuit that opens every 8 minuets but is invisible and difficult to track down however it has the ability to send matter through it directly to the sun allowing it travel massive distances through space. I was surprised myself at first but NASA made a video for it explaining their research:


Physicist Nassim Haramein who has done remarkable research with the unified field theory, ended up with some Myan artifacts that have some amazing drawings on them clearly depicting space ships going into the sun along with a triangular shaped hole in the middle of the sun. His research has gained a lot of ground in the physics community. Here is a clip of one of his lectures and also a wonderful slide show of Myan artifacts depicting extra terrestrials using flying space craft technology. I recommend pausing on some of these and wonder yourself what these artifacts are suggesting.

Now the one that caught my attention is the one where Nassim is talking about it using the sun as a stargate along with similarities with the NASA research.

Myan artifact discovered along with a picture from NASA describing flux transfer events

Myan artifact discovered along with a picture from NASA describing flux transfer events.

Notice how the magnetic portal or flux transfer event (FTE) look striking similar to what this Myan artifact has depicted. Did the Myans know about these magnetic fields long ago? The strange thing is that there are NASA recorded pictures of the sun with a triangle size hole in it.


There are also pictures that were uploaded to NASA of a possible UFO flying out of the sun along with solar flares however it was taken down and uploaded again after being doctored to make the UFO look like a comet. See this video below where Nassim explains further about UFOs entering and exiting our solar system based on the evidence found from NASA pictures.

Why did NASA take those pictures down and photochop it? It appears NASA has probably known about this for some time now and is now coming out and saying they will further explore these flux transfer events witch is great to hear anyways! Ever since I discovered Nassim Haramein and his research with the Resonance Project I’ve always somehow felt this guy was on to something. His research goes way beyond just physics as he eloquently finds connections between unexplained phenomenons, physics, history and science. His theories are articulate perceptions on how the universe is all connected using the unified field theory and sacred geometry.



With these FTE’s the magnetic frequencies of the earth seem to synchronize with frequencies of the sun showing how powerful harmonizing electro magnetic frequencies can be. After all if these kinds of portals can open up using the magnetic field of heavenly bodies then its quite possible the same fields or portals could opened up here on the earth as well. Nikola Tesla might have been on to something as well with his research on teleportation. What’s strange is that there a few people that have come out and claim they were in black ops US government facilities that had this kind of technology and have been using it for decades such as the Montauk Project and andrew_d__basiagothe Pegasus project. A lawyer names Andrew D. Basiago has claimed that he teleported multiple times to Mars and across the US in a top secret project called the Pegasus project. This technology was developed from the stolen documents and drawings from Nikola Tesla’s hotel room right after he died. The Montauk Project also claims to have been a part of the famous Philadelphia experiment where the US government made a cloaking device and used it on a US Navy vessel. These experiments expanded using civilians subjects in upper state NY. They also claimed the teleportation technology that was used to move subjects in and out of the facility originated from Tesla. Rather then bombard you with links I’ll let you google the Montauk project for yourself.



r-TELEPORTATION-large570I know that teleportation to mars and in general seem far fetched to the average skeptic and they are for me as well however there seem to be loads of survivors that are telling their story. The connection that I’m trying to make here is that teleportation based on the combining frequencies of electro magnetic fields seem to now be completely out of the closet in the academic science world as something that really does exist. Do we know more about this kind of technology? I’m sure of it. We know that Tesla had an understanding for this kind of technology after all he gave us the most important inventions of the 20th and 21st century. His inventionsTesla_circa_1890 moved from alternating current up to the plasma “death-ray” and other devices then its not surprising at all he had knowledge of teleportation as well. US government agents had their eye his research for years and once he died they could have easily been removed from his NYC hotel room and locked in a top secret facility somewhere. Andrew Basiago says its in New Mexico. So we know the research for these kinds of projects could have easily been started by 1943 when he died. After all those documents were a goldmine to the war industrial complex.


dr-steven-greerDr. Stephen Greer of the disclosure project seems to think they were obtained as well along with confiscated ship wrecks such as the Roswell incident give the us military alien technology they use themselves. In his documentary Sirius he gives multiple sources of evidence showing how the US military had been using this kind of technology for decades. One would ask “why wouldn’t they share this technology with the rest of the world? It would really benefit humanity” Yes one would ask that and one would be right however as Stephen explains countries that are much more populated such as India and China could potentially dominate western countries by sheer numbers alone if they had access to this kind of technology and energy so the war industrial complex has been the muscle to enforce the suppression of it. There are billions of dollars invested in nuclear and fossil fuels so there will be billions spent to keep it that way especially when those investors have the US military as their negotiating leverage . If foreign countries have access to teleportation technology they could possibly use that transport bombs here among other implications that would complicate the matter. So its not difficult to conclude that this type of information is suppressed. Now Stephen’s research also goes on into human initiated contact witch is considered the 5th form of contact (CE5) to extra terrestrials. They do this using meditation and remote viewing. They go to specific rural destinations, meditate and the UFOs just show up. They capture all this on film witch the Sirius documentary illustrates. Now if meditation allows us to put our brains to a subconscious frequency that can literally summon these extra terrestrials and our brains are essentially electro magnetic devices then perhaps our brains can play with the frequencies that utilize this technology? What if teleportation is possible just using our minds? After all that is exactly what remote viewing is. You basically blank out your consciousness to the open space of your mind, someone else gives you a target and your subconscious can see, smell and even taste the place you are at then you come back into consciousness like waking up from a dream and write or draw what you saw in less then 3 seconds. As defined by the Farsight institute:

Scientific Remote Viewing (SRV®) is a trainable mental procedure that can assist a person in obtaining accurate and detailed information from distant locations and across time. Simply, SRV is a controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness. SRV uses the human nervous system in a way analogous to the way an astronomer uses a radio telescope. Using SRV, the human nervous system acts as a tuning device that connects us to an underlying field of nature through which knowledge of all things is possible.
SRV does NOT involve an out-of-body experience.
SRV does NOT use hypnosis.
SRV does NOT involve an altered state of consciousness.
SRV is NOT channeling.
The term “Scientific Remote Viewing” refers to a set of procedures that are an evolving although largely standardized methodology used for remote viewing. Current research suggests that the correct use of these procedures allows virtually any normal individual to obtain information about a remote location with surprisingly high levels of accuracy.
SRV has a number of distinct phases, each of which is designed to allow the viewer to perceive various aspects of a target. A target is the location, person, or event about which information is desired. In each phase, different types of information are extracted about the target, and the overall result typically includes a wide variety of descriptive data, including sketches.



So we’ve nailed down teleportation with just our minds using remote viewing, could we possibly move our bodies? Is it also possible that things like prayer also send electro magnetic frequencies into the universe? If we learn to harness the electro magnetic frequencies of our minds could we possible do super human things and also improve our daily lives? I think so. I also believe that these kinds of esoteric techniques would be something that an empire in power would not want the public to know about. Both in technology and using your mind. It might explain why we go to prayer when the chips are down. Its like we’re sending those signals into the universe so that God will respond as the point of singularity. Humans have been praying for centuries as a form of communication to outer worldly entities, angels, gods, goddesses, aliens, God or whatever name you want to give. It seems to have been a natural practice to our species since its origin. If God can respond to specific prayer frequencies, occultists can invoke entities by altered states of consciousness or enochian magik and Stephen Greer’s group can summon UFOs with meditation then perhaps our ability to communicate beyond this planet and this dimension has been greatly downplayed to us. Perhaps the galactic portal has been in our minds all along.

If there are questions about the universe that wonder about then put your mind there. Go outside, drive to the country and look at the stars and planets. Just focusing your mind on what you see has a way of putting your brain out there. If you wonder about God, aliens, spirits, entities, UFOs and many other unexplained phenomena then keep putting you mind there. Keep sending it those electro magnetic frequencies from your brain because the more you do the more likely the universe will respond with an answer. I’ve also read that it helps to put an emotion of gratitude behind the thought to harmonically charge your vibration. Can’t hurt to try it right?

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